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World War One Commemoration

Whittaker Moss commemorates 100 years since the end of World War 1.

We had a day of commemoration on Friday the 9th of November. The focus of the day was different aspects of life from 100 years ago. Each year group had a different focus to work on, from exploring the lives of children during this time, to how Rochdale played a part in the war effort. The Reverend Margaret smith came for to work with Year one in class and lead an assembly with the whole school. This was completed with a performance of a poem by Year 6. The poem, titled When the Whistle Blows, was written by one of grandparents of a child in Year 6 and had been recently published. This was performed to him as a guest at our assembly. As a final celebration to the day, the parents were invited into the school to look at all the different activities and work that had taken place. The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and feedback from both children and parents has been very positive. Please take a look at our picture gallery through the Gallery link to the left.