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Exotic Animal Visit

Morley Exotic Animal Rescue visit to Year 4

What did you think about this experience? What did you learn about meerkats? How did this experience help your writing? Post your thoughts below:

  • Ob123456789 4 years ago
    I loved learning about meerkats it is one of my favourite animals so I was glad we learnt about them
  • Char 4 years ago
    I really enjoyed seeing all the animals my favourite animal was Ian the snake he liked me very much however I was afraid of the scorpion and spider.
  • Dyl20 4 years ago
    This was amazing I learnt loads of new things and it was incredibly fun. Now I know a lot more about meerkats and other exotic animals!
  • _Gymnast 4 years ago
    It was an amazing experience and I loved learning about all of the different animals.
  • L1234 4 years ago
    I think that this was one of the most best experience's of my whole life I learnt lots of new things! Thank you so much for this experience!!!
  • D 4 years ago
    I thought the animal experience was really interesting, I loved holding the different animals and the monkey was my favourite. I learnt that Meerkats dig their burrows underground and have dark patches around their eyes. The experience helped my writing by making me think about all the different animals and their habitats and wanting to find out more about exotic animals.
  • AGC 4 years ago
    I really liked the experience. I learnt which specific deserts meercats live in. It helped my writing by giving me all the information I needed, I also got first hand experience
  • Lu08 4 years ago
    I really liked it and learning about the animals. My favourite was the monkey because it was so cute. I was scared of the spider before I touched it. It was a great experience. Thank you.
  • WJM 4 years ago
    When I heard about the exotic animals I was so excited because it would my first experience with wild animals my favourite were the python,tralantula and the meerkats the meerkats were really cute and I loved how they brought more than one meerkat and the python had been the most longest snake I had ever seen I was a bit scared of the tralantula but I got used to it Thank you miss machell!!!
  • louis1234 4 years ago
    I loved this experience, although I was petrified of the tarantula, but i got over my fear and turned out to be the first to hold it. I thought that this experience was amazing, because it's not every day you get up close to these kinds of exotic animals. My favourite animals were the monkey and the python because the monkey was so cute and fascinating. I liked the python because, I didn't expect it to be so heavy, and so so long, and it was so interesting. Out of all 7 animals I would love to learn about the python and its habitat. Thankyou so much Miss Machel. I really enjoyed seeing the animals and it really helped my writing piece.
  • Char 4 years ago
    I really enjoyed seeing all the animals my favourite was the snake I also liked leaning about the spider
  • legolas Jr. 4 years ago
    I really enjoyed it because we learnt all about animals and more facts about Meerkats so it helped us on our writing. my favourite was the monkey , spider,meerkats ,snake . I liked it because you only see them behind glass in the zoo so I 'm happy that I got to hold them and feel them. I liked learning facts about them and how they rescued them and where they came from and what they like to eat and that the monkey didn't like to eat bannanas . it was a very good experience and I hope they come again so we can see them again . my favourite part was when we got to hold them and feel them. I'm really happy they came.

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