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The more you read, the more you know!

Exploring Texts!

So far, Class 4M having been exploring a variety of high quality texts throughout the curriculum. We have explored many texts from The Eye of The Viking God by Terry Deary to The Piggybook by Anthony Browne. Which text has been your favourite and why? Which text inspired your writing and why?

  • Char1234 4 years ago
    I really enjoyed reading piggy book because I loved looking at the pictures cause they were very clever like the way Mr Piggots shadow was a pig because he was acting like one!
  • Y.A 4 years ago
    I like The eye of the Viking God because I like how Terry Deary uses alliterations like "stale sweat" also I like his similes and his double adjectives.
  • Not LC 4 years ago
    I read a lot in year four and I have improved a lot too
  • Lu08 4 years ago
    I really liked learning about the eye of the Viking god because it uses a good description of the characters.
  • Clara unicorn 85 4 years ago
    This was an exciting because my favourite speech what we did today and the book terry deary the eye of the Viking god it was so cool because I was loving the amazing book and another was the pig one of mr pigget and his children Ben and Paul xx😅😅
  • WJM 4 years ago
    My favourite book is Harry Potter because I like the detail and the setting they have areargend it in like hogwarts and the ministry of magic I think the most discribable character is Severus snape and i like the spells avada kedavra and sectumsempra
  • AGC 4 years ago
    I really like reading the books so far, my favourite would be Harry Potter because the book has lots of spells inside and lots of adventures 🗝 .My favourite part in the chamber of secrets is when Harry fights the dragon.
  • Aragorn jr. 4 years ago
    I liked reading the piggy book because it was really funny and the author showed in there shadow that they were turning in to PIGS . I also like the eye of the Viking god.
  • Ob1234 4 years ago
    My favourite book so far is grandpa’s great escape because I just love David walliams and he had a great idea to make grandpa go on the church spire.👍
  • elizaberth1 3 years ago
    the pigy book because I liked having to put a memo on it when we only hade to subspect images come to us about the piggit cause we didn't know what was going on.

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