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Class 4M's World Book Day!

From character 'Wanted' posters to a 'Where's Wally?' treasure hunt, Class 4M have really enjoyed their World Book Day. Which World Book day activity did you enjoy the most? Why? What was your favourite part of World Book Day 2018?

  • Ob1234 4 years ago
    I loved the where’s wally treasure hunt it was amazing me and the others found all the letters and it makes Michael morpurgo
  • AH 4 years ago
    My favourite part of world book day was the treasure hunt. I loved finding and discovering all of the different letters. The whole day was really fun and I will never forget it😄
  • AGC 4 years ago
    I really liked world book day because it was fun . I also liked where's wally words because the words spelt Michael morpurgo,Also I loved doing the wanted posters and it was a big surprise who read a story to us ( MISS CADIGON!!!!!) Thanks for world book day it was the best.
  • E.AS 4 years ago
    Today is the one world book day I'm truly can remember. My favourite part was when we did the where's wally challenge the words spelt Michael Morpurgo . I can't wait to do the game of gues the charchter. Tthhhhaaaannnkkkkkk yooouuuuuu ssssssooooooo much miss machel

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