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Fundraising Ideas

What resources would you like the school council to fundraise for this year?

Please post your suggestions below for resources that would help to improve learning that the school council could fundraise for this year:

  • Char 4 years ago
    I think we can raise money for school by having a Christmas tree decorating contest. So each class will decorate a tree.
  • L1234 4 years ago
    I think we should fundraise for some costumes and racks so we can have like acting and drama club so we can start using our imaginations a lot more. I would love an acting club!!
  • Char 4 years ago
    everyone has a to paint or draw a picture and the school has to try and sell them and that money goes to school needs
  • Ob123456789 4 years ago
    I agree with char because everyone will want to do that

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