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Staying Safe Online

16.12.20 New Parent Guide added about Omegle chat.

14.12.20 New Parent Guides added about setting up PS5s and X Box Series S/X safely and Tellonym messaging network. Please click on the links below.

28.10.20 New Parent Guides added about the games Among Us, Fortnite and League of Legends and the messaging App, WhatsApp. Please click on the links below.

25.09.20 Please click on the links below for information about Childline, trusted adults and safe spaces.

25.09.20 Please click on the link below for a new guide to online content.

09.07.20 Please click on the attachment below for a guide to online content.

29.06.20 Please click on the attachment below for information about Discord. 

16.06.20 Please use the following link to access useful information about Tik Tok:

16.06.20 Please use the Think U Know Link below to access home activity packs about staying safe online:

09.04.20 New Information Leaflet About Zoom Added. Access Using The Staying Safe Online Page.

If you’re worried that a child is at risk of harm online, you should call the police. Children can make a report to CEOP at if they are worried about something they've seen online.