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COVID19 Update

06.01.22 Please click the link in the COVID19 Update Section for access to the school's latest risk assessment.

06.09.21 Please click the links in the COVID19 Update Section for access to the school's latest risk assessment and outbreak management plan.

20.06.21 Please use the link in the COVID19 Update Section for access to the school's updated risk assessment. Updates have been highlighted in blue.

20.04.21 Please visit the home learning section of the website to access the analysis of the results from our recent Parent Remote Learning Survey. Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete it.

05.03.21 Please use the links below to access the updated risk assessment and safeguarding addendum for the return to school on 8th March.

Please visit our home learning section to access useful guides to our online learning provision and our remote learning rationale. Hard copies of work are available from the main school office.

04.01.20. URGENT! Please read the e-mail from Mrs Backhouse that has been sent out via ParentPay to all parents. Click on the link to access the Google Form.

Latest COVID Advice: 

Schools are working hard with safety measures in place so that children can stay in school where they thrive in education and with their friends.

Please make sure you’re following the guidance in place. It is vital that you do not send your child to school if they have any of the symptoms of COVID-19

🦠 new and continuous cough

🌡️high temperature

👅 loss of taste and smell

If your child has been isolating at home it is important that they only return to school when they have been without a fever / temperature for 48 hours 🌡️

The cough and changes to taste and smell can continue after the infection has gone

If your child has symptoms of COVID-19 they should not attend school and you should organise a test for them.

Your whole household will need to isolate at home till the results of the test are known

🦠 new and continuous cough

🌡️high temperature

👅 loss of taste and smell

Please read our latest Guidance leaflet about Covid 19 and attendance at school. To access, click on the link below:

Please read our latest information about picking up your children at the end of the day, below:

Thank you to all our families for supporting our new arrangements when going home.  We had lots of questions tonight about trying to arrange families to go home at the same time.

We will send the oldest children from each family to go home at the same time and through the same door as the youngest sibling. Your oldest child may need to get bags coats etc. and cross through school to get to their youngest sibling's class, so you may find you need to wait a few minutes but they will be on their way. This will start from tomorrow, (Tuesday 8th September)

Thank you for your patience and support.