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Eco Committee

Our Eco Committee Page

At Whittaker Moss Primary School we currently hold Green Flag Status!

Eco Photo Gallery & Videos

Please click the link to the left (on a laptop) or scroll down (on other devices) to view photos & videos in our Eco Gallery.

Eco Minutes, Updates and Curriculum Coverage

Please see the attached documents below (scroll down to the bottom of the page). These are also displayed on our Eco Notice Board.

Wow - Walk to School Travel Tracker

We currently take part in the Wow - walk to school scheme where each class logs their daily travels to school (walk, car, bus etc) to earn monthly badges. Every month the Eco Reps look at the class data, create bar charts and count the badges for classes!

Walking at lunchtimes

The Eco reps help to organise extra walking at lunchtime so children can earn extra walking badges. This will be organised in bubbles this year due to the Covid 19 restrictions.

Gardening Club Photographs

To see gardening club photographs please visit our clubs page located under school information and the Eco gallery.

Eco Questions & Evidence

If you have any Eco questions please speak to Mrs Orley in Class R2, your class Eco Reps or write your questions/suggestions down and add them to our Eco Notice Board in the school hall. We have more Eco evidence in our school Eco Folders (Speak to Mrs Orley).

Class Eco Books

Each class has a class eco book that they can make notes in and add evidence to as well as their class curriculum books.

Whittaker Moss Eco Meetings (See minutes below):

Please see all our Eco minutes from 2016 to the present day below. They are also on our school Eco Noticeboard and in our Eco File!

Next Meeting:

To be confirmed - see Eco Notice Board

Special visitors at our eco meetings

We often invite other staff members to our eco meetings such as our school cook and our school caretaker (see photographs on the eco board and in the eco file). Due to the current Covid 19 restrictions we are hoping to ask our special visitors to complete videos.

Class Curriculum Books & Website pages:

Every class has a curriculum book that they can evidence any Eco work they have done through their class topics! All Classes have their own photo galleries on the school website where they can share Eco evidence. Some classes have even created blogs and included Eco questions into their class discussions!


Throughout the school year every class enjoys the opportunity to get involved with gardening whether they plan to plant fruit, vegetables or flowers. We have a Gardening Club that also looks after the school grounds, prepares planters and much more!

Looking after the animals

At Whittaker Moss we ensure all classes are involved with Eco issues and helping the school environment. Every year, Year 3 take part in the Great British Bird Watch where they make Eco friendly bird feeders to attract birds to the school grounds. We also have Mini-beast areas/hotels in Nursery and Reception to encourage mini-beasts and other animals (Hedgehogs) into the school grounds. We also have different animals visit our school from local pet shops e.g. mice, birds, stick insects and we have visitors for different year groups e.g. Exotic animals visit. We also have pet fish at school in a central area so all classes can take the time to visit them.

School Litter Monitors

As part of our Eco schools action plan we have decided that we would like to reduce the amount of litter in the schools grounds. So the Eco Reps have decided to create a team to complete a weekly walk around the perimeter of the playground to monitor/ collect litter - The Green Team! We also work with our school caretaker to complete litter maps each term to locate the litter and monitor our progress. He also helps us with regular litter picks using our maps and he updates us when he finds litter so we can discuss the possible cause and solution. We will be doing this in class bubbles due to the covid 19 restrictions.

Other Events- Past and Present...

Den Day (June 2016) - We continue this every year!

On Friday 17th June 2016 Whittaker Moss took part in 'Den Day' to raise the awareness of global issues and the charity- Save the Children. Every class created different dens using different materials e.g. recycled materials, junk etc (See Photo Gallery).

Well done to our Eco reps for raising awareness of the day and creating posters to put around school.

Fairtrade Coffee Mornings and Afternoon Tea

Our Eco Reps are very proud to help organise regular events. Our Fairtrade Coffee Mornings have been a great success so far in raising the awareness of Fairtrade (from 2008 - present). Next Fairtrade Coffee Morning date to be confirmed.

Recycle for our School

We took part in the recycling scheme 'Recycle for our School' which encourages everyone to recycle at home and school and to make pledges. See for more information.

Bag 2 school

We take part in the Bag 2 School scheme which asks the school community to donate clothes and shoes. This promotes the message to re use for a more sustainable future.

The LEAF Conference (October 2012)

Mrs Mackelvie and four children from the Eco Committee had a fantastic time at the LEAF conference which took place at Rochdale Town Hall on 12th October. Children from Rochdale Schools took part in the early morning Freddy Fit session, which got us warmed up for what was to prove a very interesting and exciting day.

Our adventurous children took part in many different activities which included ‘wind surfing’, making bird cakes, which involved getting quite messy, but worth it to make a lovely mixture to keep the birds warm in the winter!

We also took part in a poetry competition and all children made a super poster to remind everyone about looking after the beautiful natural world.

One of the children was very brave and took part in a recycling fashion show. She had made a lovely ‘leaf’ dress and matching accessories, which she modelled on the ‘catwalk!’ The day finished with a musical singing session from the Australian singer Luc, where the children joined in with the lovely song ‘Breathe’.

Switch off fortnight

We take part in this every year to raise awareness and learn more about what we can do as a school.