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Lunch Menus

Our new menu is launched on Monday 30th April.  There will now be a freshly cooked selection of foods from the kitchen along with a daily offer of a pasta dish, Jacket potatoes and fillings, sandwiches and the buffet cart alongside a selection of desserts. 

Teachers will read through the menu every morning with their class in order to give children time to think about what they would like for lunch later in the day. 

If they change their mind then that is just fine!  We have worked hard to try to think of every eventuality and get everything in place for the smoothest transition possible. 

There will be vegetarian and halaal options every day and arrangements have been made for our children with allergies and other health needs to ensure their lunchtimes are fully catered for.

Please see below for our menus for this term. 

Please also see information on "Me Size Meals"