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Trips and Visits

We believe that well planned trips and visits from school are a very important part of what we provide both educationally and socially for children. They provide us with an opportunity to supplement and enhance our curriculum provision in ways we could not possibly do at school. School trips and visits are also very enjoyable and memorable experiences for children – indeed many adults have fond and lasting memories of trips they had when at school.

However, we are also acutely aware of the potential health and safety implications of
taking children off-site and also the cost implications. Bearing this in mind, our policy is that in most classes, children will be taken on one main school trip each year. This may be supplemented by a second trip if particular curriculum benefits would result and also by occasional shorter visits eg. local study walks.

Year 6 children are also offered, in addition, a residential stay at an activity centre
(usually June).

Health and Safety Considerations

  • Parents will always receive details well in advance of any planned school
  • Pre-visits are carried out by staff to all day trip venues,
  • Risk assessments are requested from venues,
  • Only LA approved coach firms are used,
  • All coaches used will have individual seat belts for children,
  • Staffing levels will always at least meet and usually exceed the
    recommended levels.
  • Staff are in regular contact by mobile telephone with a senior member of
    staff at school throughout the trip/visit.


Any trip or visit involving the use of a coach incurs considerable cost nowadays – recently, these have been as much as £500 - £600 per coach per day, and this is before admission costs are considered. Consequently, we can only operate our current system of, usually, one trip per year by requesting contributions from parents to cover the costs. When contributions are requested, they are always of the minimum amount necessary just to cover transport and admissions. The school funds various additional activities ie : pantomime,
Young Shakespeare, trips to Touchstones and professionals for Arts Week etc.