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Value Statement

This school believes pupils learn best when they feel safe, valued and happy. Our staff are committed to providing an environment that nurtures personal growth and self-esteem. All members of the school community have rights and responsibilities and these are best ensured when agreed procedures are accepted and followed. Our pupils are developing and learning about appropriate ways to interact with others. The school and its community share the responsibility to assist students in learning appropriate behaviours.

Whittaker Moss Primary School pupils have chosen their three priority values which they feel underpin the core values and expectations all of our school community should adhere to. 

These are:

Respect: Respect each other and our environment. Respect involves taking responsibility for ourselves and each other. Respect is speaking to and interacting with others in a courteous manner. It is about being honest, reliable and trustworthy and taking care of the learning environment.  We treat other people with care and compassion. We try to understand other people's views or feelings and are supportive and caring towards them.

Honesty: We try our very best to be honest in our interactions with others.  We recognise that this means more than just ‘not lying’.  We know it is about speaking and acting truthfully, being honest with ourselves and trying hard to understand why we act in the ways we do.  We understand that things get resolved faster and more effectively when we are honest with others.  We always respect the courage it takes for people to be honest, especially when it is a difficult situation.

Resilience: We know that to face the challenges of a modern, changing world and to be effective learners, our pupils need to develop resilience.  We want our pupils to see challenge and difficulty as another learning opportunity and to know that sometimes we will fail at something (maybe many times), on the pathway to getting it right and this is where good learning happens. We keep going despite disappointment and frustration and we understand that this can be very difficult to do.  We understand that we need resilience in all aspects of our daily lives and it will benefit us, not only in our learning, but also in our personal relationships and lives.

In partnership with parents, staff aim to support pupils to develop a clear understanding of the school’s expectations, rights and responsibilities and rules. We aim to empower our pupils to assess their own behaviour and develop strategies to act in a responsible manner, to be able to reflect upon how their learning is going to make a difference and how it will affect those around them.

At Whittaker Moss, we seek to create and foster an environment which promotes success and is considerate to the needs of every child.  We want our pupils to develop and maintain a positive attitude towards learning and a feeling of self-worth and pride in themselves.  We want all of our pupils to view themselves positively and as competent and responsible members of the school community.